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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  July 15, 2011 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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carjacked witt her youug son. son."i'm not a hero, i'm a mom." mom." the gutsy way a baltimore woman got awaa from herrcaptor. captor. smart phones at work. the shocking ways some peoppe are wasting time on the internet why one some fishermen could &pand a sign of the timee.why these people were on the run. 3 3 good evening i'm barnd.arnd..- 3 and i'm jennifer giiberr we are tracking breaking nnws out of nnrth baltimorr. police are on the scene of a double shooting. shooting. janice park joins us live from the scene witt the latest. janice park fox45 neww
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late eddtion.
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a baltimore car jacking leads to aahigh speed chase. chass. and a mother and her baby are trapped in side for the hhrrifying ride. ride. it started heeeon interstate 95 and ran all the waa own toowashington d.c.'s miles an hour.. it appened in west baltimore at this citgo. he leaves the gas station, and seconds later he's in this black lexus slamming into an suv at the pump. mom jumped back into along the beltway, she seatbelt, and rolled out of the car while shielding her child with her arms.
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we ere in the passeger seat the babb in my arms he wwnt sped off."" "i was if i hit the ground tte wrong way anddmy arms flew just jjmped out. ike 3 thh accused kidnapper is 22-year-old say he swiped the carrwith mom night. they were ast - combing the scene of the abduction early this morniig for any evidence that can be used in tteecase. witnesses to the abduction can't believe 11:26:15 from todd's card 11:26:15 all you could see is a lady putting up the sos sigg 3 smmkcs sos wavingg3 smacks wwvinn. white is being eld on a million dollars bond. e's been charged with several crimessincluding kidnnppiig. 3 a ... man... was shot in northhass ballimore. police.../ were... on and 21st street...//. ááitáá happened... just
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after... fiie this evening.../. áátheáá man... was found on theestreet ...with a gunshht wound..../ áánoáá & a... man... accused of murder .../ during... fourth f july ffstivities.../ learnn his chargesstonight. tonight. 32-year- old... marcus &pharris oo baltimore.../ is... charged with second degree .. murder .../ of... 26-year-old joe calo,.... ááaááá touriss... rom alaaama.../. áápoliceáá say... harrii stabbed calo... in the neck.../ with a broken bottle.../ 3 willlnnw street liggts close to the linthicum light rail station.....cuttdown on cr? crime???? tonight the city decided to turn on the lights at he linthicum station. people there cooppainnd it waa statiin after dark. i think the light raid is a good thing a lot of people depend on it for tteir a step in the right direction but i don't think it will reduce the crime.. offfciils are aaso planning to installladditional security cameras and a security kiosk at the station. a high speed crash leaves aa
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sports car crumbled into a plock of metal. & happened just before 9 this morning in ssuthwest baltimore.this white mustang light pole at west pattpsco avenue and hollins ferry road. the car rumbled and bent into a twisted pile of wreckage affer plowing througg several light pollscrass eam scene....there's nn word on the driver's conditiin. 3 a teenage girl has died after being hit by a car in anne arundel county. county. 17-year-old kara mik-kitchee died esterday. she and her boyfriend were trying to cross itchie highway after a both of them were struck by - &pthe car. the two teens were not crossing at a crosswalk at the time of the stable condition. the driver won't be charged. a... waste watch helps.. shake up... city hall...//.. áátheeá mayor tonight, .../ annnunces... she's chhnging tte way... the ...cityys pension board... does usiness..../ &pbusiness..../ we uncoverrd peveral incidents of board members taking xpensive
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city bbsiness. but no one - ssemed to know who ppid for it.... whether it was the board'sseducatiinal fund.. which s funded with taxpayers advisors pay.. which is a t - ethiccs laws. 3 (mayorrrawlings-blake) "if you take a look at myyhistory as mayor i'veebeen working one issue at a time on strengthening ethics and accountability. ssrengthening about improppiety from city employees.. uh, this is just the next step." ammng the board trips would have to be pre-approved by the board of philliis seafood says ii will stay in the inner harbor aafer all. myranda stephens has more on the restaurant's new &phome....and why some aren'tt celebrating. p3 nats of 10:06 nats of crabs crabb, corn and beer ... part of today's big aanouncement from two of maryland's biggest companies. 18:13 we're not
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gonna cut and ruu they'reenot gonnaacuu and run we're going to be here 18david cordish of the cordish companies - annnunced today that phillips &pseafood restauraat will be &pmooiig into the oll e-s-p-n zooe building insiie the power plant at altimore's inner them, they're an institution the timing was peefect for 500- both coopaanes. last year.. disnee announced it was its e-s-p-n ones across the - announced thissyear - it was harborplace - after 30-years. 2827 i just want to be with david coonishhbecauss i think he's such a visionary and i really think he understands the sole and the sprit of this city 35 at its new home - ppillips wiil feature two fuul bars - and a hardshell crab deck on the barge outside the restaurant. cordish credits the late bryce phillips and former governor william donald schaefer for the inspiraaion. very happy to see the union of the phillips family.. which is baltimore with the ccrdish
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family which is also four generations here 33myranda 40:41 but many of the phillips customers we talked to... weren't too excited about the move. 47joonn 35:37 well this is very quaint here that'll be a little differenn than what we have ere 42 susan 39:28 no ii ould raaher ittbe here so the harbor 31but for some... goes... they will follow. 36:11 we'll still stop at phillips, whether it's here or there 14at theeinner harbor, myranda steppens, foo45 news at ten. phillips sayythe new location will bring about 300-jobs. the &prestaurant plans to open this one... out of three... american kids.../ are... considered obese ... / áámanyáá doctors ...are pushing... measures..../ ááanáá editorial... in... the... journal.../ of phe... americaa medical mentions...// revoking custody .../ of... overly obese children..../ áásomeáá doctors say.../ it''... more ethiccl.../ to... place kids... in foster care... / them... undergo surgery.../ weeasked: should parentsslose custodd of obese children? most of you said... that goes
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too far farkelly writes on ffcebook "no. what if its a medical and kathy writes...""o way, ei" this is gettinn like russii in p3 bad day for ppoductivvty. aanew study is out and it suggests your coworkers are usinn their smartphones for more than textiig. texting. out of every hundded people in your office, three of them will be using their smartphones tomorrow to look at poon. the survey also found 64 percent of workkrs watch all kinds of onnine videosswhile on the clock. 3& great day for roger greats. he walked out aa court a frre maa. the judge declared aamistrial after the &pvideo of maryland's elijah cu former yankee. hh was on trral for lying to
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pnvestigators about his steroid use as a pitcher. 3 the... rounds of stormm... andd.. searing eat... are gone for now now it looks like were ii for some pretty nice weather as we head for the weekend. your skywatch forecast. with -3
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&p texas.../ is... no stranner to sttmpedes,.../ but... thisswas a firstt first. these... peoplee.. rushed the doors dallas this morning..../ ááitáá as a p..modern day... sectiin eight stamppde.../. ááeveryoneáá you... see heee... is running for a chance... at... governmeen housiig vouchers..../ ááthousandsáá linee up... overnight...//. áápoliceáá ere... unabbe to keep the mob... calm....// áámanyáá people...were hospitalized...// ááandáá most...saad... it... was worth the danger.. 3 3& "...we have issued formal summons to both rupert murdoch and james murdoch toniggt the fbi is following suit. joining the investigaaiio into media giant news corp's hacking - tax dolllrs, but the workers don't seem to care. hh huge auto company that has
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employess slamming forties on punch breaks. 33&my daddwas in the wwter, it was kinda funny... i thought he might ose a toe oo somethin" somethhng" we'reegonna &pkayaker nded up with a suuer news corp,... fox's.... 3
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parent company...// is... in big trouble...// on... two ccntintents..../ áátonightáá... we.. learned... thh fbi.../ is... nvestigating.../ possible... phone haccing... and ribery.../ bb... while... c-e-o.... rupert murdoch .../ ps... set to testify.../ to... ritish lawmakers ..// about... ethical and legal... violations.../ in... britain...//. áá amyáá kelogg... has deeaiis.../ from london. london. rupert murdoch and his son ys jamee have agreed to face questions before a government panel n the u-k. british authorities delving deeper iito the phone hacking scandal at murdoch's recently
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shuttered 'news oo the woold' tabloid. whittingdale says: "...we aveeissued formal summons to both rupert murdochhand james murdoch to rupert murdoch is chairran nd chief executiie of news corp former news of the world editor rebekah brooks... who is now chief executive at news international... aaso agreeing to face the media panel on calling for anyone involved... - to face the musii.ccegg says: "...the senior executives of an organization which has been at the center of this firestorm of vvry, veey &pthe illegality but of deeply amoral behavior, should make questioning." rrporterr at the news of the world .... accused of illegallyyhacking into voice mailss.. bank accounts... and even paying off police for information onn the queen and her family. alleged victtms include... former prime miniiter royal family... some uus lawmakers want to investigate whether some pictims of 9/11 also fell pray. menendez says: "it woold be prettt horrifying for those
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families who have already gone through so muuh ann secondly law." neil wallis -- former news of the world ninth person arrested in connection with the phhne hacking allegattons. in pondon, amy kellogg, fox news. 3 murdoch... plans... to open .../ hiss.. áowná... internal investigation..../ fool me once,,shhme on you, ffol me twice, elllssme of chrysler's worrees are just packing common sense. senss. after being busted for booze and smokinn pot just ten months ago, the asssmblyy workers at chrysllr are back &pat it. once again they wer caught drinking on thhir lunch breeks. undercover camerass than a mile from the plant and right in front of the ocal uaw. chryslee got billions in taapayer dollars &pin the detroit bailout.
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3 dare we sneaa a peak head at our weekend. weekend. as.... long... as theerain... stays away, .../ 'm... good with it.../. chief &pthe outlook with yourrskywatc forecaat.
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they... pigger boat. boat.. a... pair of frienns... / off santa barbara..../áátheyáá - were able... to flip... the beast... inno... a catatonic state... /// of the sudden... /// pááitáá was... no longer.../ p in... a... catattnicc began ...thrrshing around../ tipping the ayak.../ and dumping... david salda-mando.../ 3into the water. 3 3
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.coming up in sports... the orioles ad a rough end to the first half of the season... see f the 22d half is treating them any better... nexx... 3
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we are tracking breaking baltimore.police are on the scene of the shoottng of tto securityy guards. ggards. janice park joins the latest.m the scene with patest. 3& janice park fox45 news late edition.
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adsit.bring on the second half of the season.the o's baak at camden yards tonight after the all-star break.looking for any kind offchange...something.... to enddthis 7 game losing strea. &pstreak...the birds going into the 2nd half with a clean slate...remember it'' a rand pew season, fresh ssart....aad see... 2nn batter of the game homerun given uppby jeremy guthrie to asdrubal cabrera... 1-0 tribe..2 hitters later... longball...knocks into the 6th row of the bleachers...a 2-run blaat...indians score 3 in the first....bottom of the 3rd...2 on or nick positive from the ffrst half... he's got a hot bat... 2-run single cuts tteelead i half.....op of the 7-- indiaas...travis haffer lines it to center...michael brantley beats the throo standing...cleveland on top 8- 2....they take ame one 8-4... the birds losiig streak extennd o 8... forgee about tiger woods... it's all about the returr of connressional look like a putt-
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he's back from a thhee week the ooennchampionshi. one of the the shot of the day...dustin green and into the cup for the for 366h... even with the hole in onn..thomas bjorn's approacc shot on 5...right on targee...sticks it on the greee nd rolls within a few peet of the cup...bjorn is tied for the lead at 5-under... .whoos co-leader???... tom lewis...never heard of him???... that's because he's a 20-yearrold amateuu...for bbrdie on 3...drops it....long birdieeputt on 8...lewis named &pafter tom watson... acttaaly paired with him today...and lewis layed likeewatson... gets the birdie...he shot an britiih open... one over forrthe day....ished 3--3
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eeition...thhnks for joining us.i'm jeff barnd... and i'm jennifer gilbert.goodnighh. ggodnight.
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